Dakhla’s peninsula has some fantastic spots for surfing. Oum Lamboiur sports center offers surf trips to the best spots, always depending on the wave forecast to guarantee the best conditions.

We offer surf lessons for all levels and are teamed up with some of the best Moroccan surfers that love to share their passion for the sport.

All our classes include supervision and all surf types are covered such as shortboard, single fin, longboard, finless, retro board, ayala, SUP and bodyboard.


Starting to surf is like beginning a journey – you’ll discover the ocean and it’s natural force, you’ll be more conscious of your body condition, plus you’ll start to find your limits as you progress, getting better and better each time. At Westpoint you’ll be sure to meet some of the world’s best instructors who’ll share their surfing knowledge with you.

After a short introduction and intensive warm up you’ll be able to stand up on the board for the first time.

price per person


This is perfect for surfers wishing to improve by learning new tricks and maneuvers.

We’ll evaluate your surfing level and adapt the course to it so you can acquire better surfing skills.

You’ll also have the opportunity to discover world class surf spots during your classes.

price per person


You have a good surf level? There are always ways to improve your skills and level. Learn from round house cutbacks to throwing some arials!

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